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hE - sHe - Theirs

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year 2011 come to an end but 2012 will come meeting us just a few hours left - Contd

I've been thru my post n yeah, I know that you guys can not read what i wrote since writing is small, right? It's okay, I'll repost, what exactly I wrote in the picture =) enjoy reading guys !!!

p/s: this notes/post have mix language - Malays and English Language.and also using sabahan slangs (if note :P)


To dearest friends and colleagues … and families
Me wishing you guys a very happy welcoming New year of 2012 and hope everyone in a pink of health and stay healthy!! Another year end and another year come. After 365days, thru good thru bad, finally it comes to an end of 2011.

Byk kenangan yg tercipta..samada yang manis atau yang pahit. Klu yg manis tu, confirm la tgh buat apa2 kerja pn bleh senyum kambing sensorng..dak pn, senyum melebar mcm kerang busuk (I wonder why they used ‘SENYUM’ with ‘KAMBING’ or ‘KERANG BUSUK’….penah ke dorg npak kambing @ kerang busuk snyum2?Hebat!!) Apa2 pun, yg buruk kita jadikan teladan dan yg baik jadikan tauladan coz setiap yg berlaku tentu ada hikmah / sebab tersendiri kn?
Tahun 2011, dari my own sudut pandangan is – a year of rezeki. From being a single then I married.got baby and live a simple but happy life. Gaduh2 tu biasa la…sekurang2nya, klu men pujuk2 dh halal…hehehe and also the prosperity years for HMSB employee. So far, bonus pn ok la..(rezeki tu…hehehe) and many of HMSB employee dpt baby!!! Not forgetting my dearest friends (schoolmates, collegemates).Tahun yg produktif agaknyer kan..?Alhamdulillah ats segala rezeki n rahmat dari-Nya.

Back to topic (eh?ada topic of the day eh?? Confuse!) . . . . . zz . . .
Ok, actually I’m lost about a few minutes (really??) Got calls from dept about machine breakdown then blogs-walking n reading till I forgot that I still in the middle of something here but now I’m here. And before I’m gone somewhere again, forgetting what i’m thinking and doin’ now, I’m again..wishing you out there to be healthy and hope everyone have the prosperity in life.

Sedikit kata di akhir penceritaan….hehehe skema sket
Tahun akan berganti dan x lama lagi hari di tahun baru akan berganti hingga ke tahun seterusnya. Umur dan masa juga sentiasa berubah, malah takkan berpatah balik. Oleh itu, hargailah masa dan umur serta hidup anda. Byk kan ilmu di dada utk simpanan di alam dan kehidupan lain. Semoga semua sejahtera n senyum sllu 

HaN_ReYLaGNaS 31 December 2011, 11:59:39 AM

Year 2011 come to an end but 2012 will come meeting us just a few hours left

actually, i already write something and thinking of posting it with the font I used but when i convert it to pdf file (post it as a picture), the font become the classic type of font huk3x . . . then I just 'print screen' it n now let see if you guys love it. ahaks!! anyway, Stay healthy and Happy New Year 2012

Saturday, December 10, 2011

miss her so much

last night, while waiting for hubby prepare dinner, i run thru pictures of my baby since her 1st few hours in this world..she's just so small that time, so fragile n for me who was a 1st timer holding newborn, its kinda awkward n terrified since i'm afraid i might broken her.after all the pains, she's here with me and what amaze me during me n her at labor room, she's trying to find or to look at my face.oh my, she's so cute. if only i can take a picture and show u her face n reaction that time....oh that moment....that very special moment..It shows that baby knows who her/his mother.

while looking to her pictures, i'm amaze on how different she looks since the 1st picture taken til now. and i can't believe that this little baby,is now 4months++ n weight 6.4kg on her last check at clinic. oh my, she was 3.2kg only that time.i almost cry myself that she's now healthy n big now. wow, how was my mom cope with reality that her children, especially me..will become a mother like her..?

i miss my girl.i miss her so much.can't wait to see her, play with her, cuddle her, get her to sleep.....she's my girl...my 1st,Sofie Izzati....

Friday, December 9, 2011


wow..been almost MONTHS after my last post n nvr tot that my last post, dated a month b4 my delivery. Yeah , i'm a MAMA now.isn't that great?its COOL!!!...

now my baby girl is 4months++ n I really miss her much. her gran says that she's now moving forward faster that b4..eventho it only happen one time only (dat time) n now i can't wait to go home (at Kampung) to meet her n play with her. She maybe take after me (talking..talking ..talking) hehehe..but it is good, right?

i think shud post 1 or 2 of her pic here but i didn't have the best angle photoshoot with me right now. Later la i'll upload her picture, ok?

I really don't have the best in writing right now.maybe to much thinking about other stuff but improving is my thing right now. so i hope, the next2 story from me would be something enjoyable to read..........hurm

Think i shud drop right now b4 my writing makes u guys confuse...hahahahha (already taken my mind confuse..LoL)..till then, daaaaaa

picture is my baby, with her face, a little like she's annoying @ feel uncomfortable.