hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

oH..miss them so much!!!!!!

owh my...i miss them so much... seems like forever being here without them...every inch in this house remind me of them...

time seems fly so fast (they a growing soo fast..) but at the same time, sooo slow when thinking about being here not there...

last Friday im bringing them here so the four of us can be together as a family..small family ...
it's so funny when remember how Sofie will cry everytime one of us entering the 'bilik mandi' or 'jamban' coz she thought that we going outside and not bringing her together to 'jalan2' around.....( owh i miss her so much)..

n how Syifa will follow ur shadow everywhere her eyes can catch....n how she was like whining on something after cry of after bath...well, she seems to takes after me (my part of talkative)..the same with her sister, Sofie...eventhough with their 'babies' language but they both were soooooo talkative.. even my husband says the same.. 'our girls follow urs ..love to talk'..

n bcoz of me missing them so much, here's a picture of them..comel x?comel x?comel kan?hehehhehehe... so gotta go..c u guys later