hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Monday, December 2, 2013

so that's what they call VAMPIRE DIARIES

I know what your thinking and I know I'm just being TOO late to update something about them. Ha Ha

Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore

I just finished watching full Season 1, starting yesterday with my husband who tied to it 1st... and now I know why everyone so eager to watch and can't-wait for the next episode to come. Now I know why the series been so popular.. and.. and.. for me?yep, I do can't wait to watch next Season ( Season 2). All are downloaded into hardisk by my sister (thanks to her for keeping such a great series in her hardisk haha). But she only have 2 set of Vampire Diaries seasons. The show suppose to have what seasons now? I'm so not into series since....I cut my Astro. huhu.

Ok I'll already check from Google that the series currently aired the Seasons 5. Whoa!!! I really felt left behind by just finish watching Season 1 this 4 am in the morning and having only Season 2 in my save makes me think that "Whoa there's still a lot to watch but still I can't keep up with it". My Oh my

So thinking back again, maybe my sister already keep those series..the recents seasons to her another hardrive (I'm being +ve). After all, she's a hardcore for downloading series/movies etc. So, I might still have the chances to keep up with the recent seasons. As the matter of fact, I do have time for movies/series when everyone sleeps even with my girls around. Yeah, both girls, they'll wake up when they hungry. but that will not stop me from me having good time watching those series. I can "pause" for a while. That the good thing of having downloaded series in your desktop.

Oh, wow!! What I'm writing right now? I'm a bit lost of track right now. Well, for not confusing you guys with some-lost-track-story anymore, I think I should end it right away. We'll continue talking/writing... some other time when I have stories to write. Or anything. Till then. Daa

p/s: Think I should try keep a journal back.Don't you think it's good?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

a year with no post!!

erm ... It has been a year since my last post.

 My two little cupcakes also has grown up being two beautiful girls. My last post, Sofie still 1 year and a month +, Syifa a month +... and now, both can run til Ibu n Abah had to hold them to keep them from running again.

Think I should post their new pic to show how their are so different from before.

ah..last but not least have a nice day. I'm thinking posting some card but dont know how to link here (still noob even after using this page a years =,=)

Just a short post today. Writing mood still not there T_T . Til next update. See Ya