hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan 30 is his 27th birthday

so, this is it. another years added to his age..n he is now my husband !!wow . . . what a gift to have me as his wife (ahahahahaha) well, he shud b proud of it..he have me as his 27th birthday gift :P

well, actually im oncall diz week but i make others replace me (sorry for d trouble heheheh) starts yesterday coz i wanna go back @ Telupid. my husband will b home oso, so mom n i od ordered a cake...to celebrate his special day :) so, here's d picture heheheh

pink for decoration?hurm..i think d person who take our ordered didnt know this cake actually to a guy...my mom oso forgot to tell them. but nvm since we never bother wit d decoration hehehe..

ingredient?dun really know..wht i knw is, this cake has corns n pudding (corn pudding to b exact) n it's delicious...so, now it's only 1/4 of d cake that's left :) after almost half an hour open from its box ....

it's almost 1pm so i gotta go. rainy day makes me feel sleepy n lazy. he's going to sleep od n i wanna join him but my parents insist me to get ready since i'll be back to Sandakan using mini bus (huk3x) . . .better prepare early so nothing left behind (but nothing has been put out from d bags since yesterday) so i shud take a lil time wit my husband b4 i go back n get ready faster after taht :) . . . till then, daaa

Monday, January 10, 2011

headache . . . n counting days . . .

its been a while..yeah, really is a while since d last tym i wrote ere..n now, i'm counting days . . to change d status in my life..once in a while..hehehe..

today, January 10th, is d 6th day (i guess) b4 my big day..shocking news huh?eheks..yeah its true..its my wedding, my big day will happen diz Saturday January 15th...n that's why i'm saying 'change status' :P ..i dont have any idea what to put ere..except for, i'm actually updating this ere in CC @ Kuala Menggatal, with him next to me play Left For Dead II . . . he's asking me to join him play d game but i do not know how to play d game..(actually)...even when i ask about d game title (to put d game name ere) he still ask me to join him :) ..too concerntrate playing that game makes me afraid to ask him even about d game name :) hehehehe.but he still answer it wit a smile (thank God now with the eyes . . .ahahah)

hurm . . . i'm eating while typing this.eat 'jeruk cermai' buy @ Tg. Aru after help him closing w0 @ Qe office, b4 he start on-leave on Wednesday. tomorrow still have to go to work coz i have mentor-mentee's program briefing @ R0. dunno wht to expect tomorrow.i guess, every1 will b talking about me n him coz we still didnt post-out/handout our wedding card for them to see ..either d route plan to my home or his home..wish d card (made by my best friend, dede) can be uploaded thru FB tomorrow..well, she's done so much to us, helping us with d card without wanting any gift (dede, i appreciate ur help n friendship, nxt tym kita mkn n p tinguk wayang lgi arr. . . eheheh) . . . n tomorrow have to meet BigBoss, to have him to sign d 'pengesahan majikan ttg status pekerja' .(hope everything goes well.

i'm sleepy n tired od. tired sitting on chair. need to lay my back n its a confirm, if i got on d bed n my head on pillow..i sure end up snoring and ignore everything around ahahaha ...yeah, that's for sure!!!..its a 'hafday-walking everywhere' . .hehehe..

dunno wht to write more, have to wait him finish his game..n i shud continue check my game on FB..i think.so, till then, take care..!!