hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

uRgHH . . . diarrhea !!!!

been sleepless and vomiting everything i eat early this morning.so early that even im afraid to go to toilet alone. it was 325am in the morning, stomachache and feeling like there'll be something goin' out from my stomach thru mouth huk3x....

and on 340am, 1st vomit!! huhuhu...almost haf from d dinner out from d stomach. then i take a rest on bed, calling for husband on my right, so he aware about my condition. then the stomachache come. recite Ayat Kursi so many time and 'usap' around my belly....feel confortable for a while but then it comes again. hubby ask me to drink water and i add some spirulina n lay on the bed's head. but then, in only a few minutes 2nd vomit come! and i could not make myself available on the toilet coz i already throw up, near our bed. huhuhuu...(ncb bek la bkn ats bed huhuhuhu..)

continue vomiting in the toilet, and hubby ask me to rest at the sofa while he cleanup my mess huhuhu (cian dear) and mimot?been anywhere but not near the mess :) good mimot.

sitting there at the sofa and makes my belly comfortable from the pain of 'salah makan'. baby actively moving here and there inside my belly,maybe stressed together with mummy's condition.and it's already 5am in the morning. try to sleep while hubby watching me and asking if have to send me to A&E but i refuse. then i didnt remember anything till woke up on 615am. urghh so sleepy huhuhu.i tot the misery end od but then, when try to wake him up, the aches comes again.and toilet become the 1st place i attend huk3x. . . vomit again & i know exactly that i'm having diarrhea!!!

n while i'm writing diz post, it's already 1145am, waiting for hubby to pick me up on 12pm++ and my stomach still got the 'growling' sound inside. means that the diarrhea still there and i dont know when it will end. hopefully everything gonna be alright this evening.

so, till my nxt update, c ya..!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

its a day after 27th celebration

well, officially now im 27 and a day years old..hahahah why i said so?its bcoz i was born on june 23rd on 1045pm...n now is june 24th, 1052pm :)

nothing special on dat day..juz have special drink on dinner - mango juice added with milk ... large glass ordered hahahaha..but im not d only one who drink it.it's hubby's so, i juz take a sip, anytime i want hehehe...but the glass was so large, even he cannot finish it faster.

hurm, nothing much to say about my birthday coz no celebration..no cakes ..only me , my dearest husband n ofcoz c mimot...owh, latest picture of dearest hubby :P edited using online photo editor - Rollip and i kinda like it hehehe..let's see the photo of him..

im using d vintage effect.well, been loking for the photo effect for so long (name actually) and now i found it . so, im gonna edit pictures i want into some vintage colour :) (arghh..what a words i say oredy)...

so, till then, c ya

Monday, June 20, 2011

maKin Lidut . . . . hEhEhE

hurm, maKin Lama, maKin Lidut...maKin peLupa . . .mo pg wad pn, muLa2 ja Laju jLan..sKali smpai tpt teduh, stu la pgerakan siput bmula..har3x....

ne ari, 2nd day hubby keja d kompeni tu...n od filled employment form n fax to Premask. n mimot?cian ci mimot. ne ari, single mingle d rumah, n trus jdikan rumah tu mcm tpt men dia...tisu habes kna carik smpai ke tgh2 bhgian kadbod tu hahahaha..kcian c mimot.tp mnambahkn kerja huhuhuhu...xpa2, bg can...:P

1mggu ne mcm teda pla keja yg siap.klu breakdown ada la..but corrective, till today mc ad algi yg blm siap ..bkn blm siap apa, lom siap ec n complete utk d hntar closing huhuhu..ppm?hurm, sd buat tp lom mnta sign, meaning to say...lom dpt send for closing la huhuhuhu...user training tpksa tunda till july sap maternity ward sibuk dgn audit nxt week n d last user training mg akn follow HSIP - to b done on July...i like but wht i dont really love to hear is, 2nd assessment test n practical is also on July.d date is likely from 25th onwards huhuhu..will i be ready diz tym?i dont know.hope everything prepared and im prepared for it.

till nxt post, daaaa