hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's me .....

owh my, yesterday been a tough day for me...emotionally. but i get thru the night ...:)

and now, since i've been M.I.A almost 2months after my last post, i'm thinking on updating a lil something happen in my life.

1st of all, my lil princess is now 6months++..nxt weeks she'll 7months!!! yeah, time goes so fast n now she's growing up becoming a healthy, fast learner and CERIA baby (idk wht in english the word was hehehe)...
2nd update: me? still healthy still charming..hahahaha jk.i'm still the person u know b4 except the title has change...so, maybe some things i'm being strict but so far, i'm still the easy going person to be hangout to. aah, the 'mummy' title. i love it.n im so happy n grateful to finally reach 1step ahead in mylife as a woman...yeah, im a woman n a lady for my husband, and a mother for my baby!! haha
3rd update: i am currently carrying my 2nd child. hehehe rezeki Allah, jangan d tolak.after diz myb akn mjarakkan kelahiran.let the babies grow healthy and at the same time i can improve and keep myself in good condition in terms of physiology and mental. yeah, pregnancy have taken a lot of my energy but i'm happy coz this is the life, i'm giving for my future.
for 4th update, or maybe not an update....i'm currently using pc at office hahahha...d admin is on Leave (as email sent by the boss) so i have the time LEPAKING in fornt this pc..huh, klu dia ada, dia la bh yg pny ne pc...pdahal ne PC 1-1nya ja yg ble guna utk tgk cd (2 pc lgi cd driver rusak)....bkn jg sllu dia dpn pc.paling2 psg lagu nth pa2 n dia p ec2 WO dlm file. urgh..mengata urg sd sa ne..huhuhuhu..

neway, last but not least, have a great day aehad. stay healthy and organize.