hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

oH..miss them so much!!!!!!

owh my...i miss them so much... seems like forever being here without them...every inch in this house remind me of them...

time seems fly so fast (they a growing soo fast..) but at the same time, sooo slow when thinking about being here not there...

last Friday im bringing them here so the four of us can be together as a family..small family ...
it's so funny when remember how Sofie will cry everytime one of us entering the 'bilik mandi' or 'jamban' coz she thought that we going outside and not bringing her together to 'jalan2' around.....( owh i miss her so much)..

n how Syifa will follow ur shadow everywhere her eyes can catch....n how she was like whining on something after cry of after bath...well, she seems to takes after me (my part of talkative)..the same with her sister, Sofie...eventhough with their 'babies' language but they both were soooooo talkative.. even my husband says the same.. 'our girls follow urs ..love to talk'..

n bcoz of me missing them so much, here's a picture of them..comel x?comel x?comel kan?hehehhehehe... so gotta go..c u guys later

Friday, July 27, 2012

b4 her 1st year birthday.....

Owh My..she's a year already??my little cupcakes apple of d eyes already 1year....time pass by so fast, didn't even realize that almost a year ago i was giving a birth to Super Sweet, Active and Adorable little girl..named Sofie Izzati bt Ahmad Murdi...wow, can't imagine how the pain was last time...

and now, while she's will be 1 year tomorrow, i'm in the other hand waiting for our 2nd..when will she came out to see ibu n abah..oso her sister :) due almost come and i always hoping for her to be with us, lively crying on her sister's birthday but everything we plan, is in Allah's plan already rite?so now, me n husband can only get ready and prepare everything needed to welcome her...

feeling nervous ...and excited at the same time. owh, there's so much things needed to top-up tonight..guess I have to 'kuatkan kaki and cekalkan minda' shopping for our babies....tonight, as planned with husband :) ..hopefully everythings needed, all there when the time comes..hehehe

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hujan yang lebat d petang Rabu...

Jam baru ja menunjukkan 4:33pm, and i already tot that its already 5pm++...why?because heavy rain outside makes the surrounding looks gloomy and dark....no wonder these 2 collegueas still here at the office with me...

It's been few weeks (or months) since my last updated (ayat biasa) and now i'm in my 36w of pregnancy. my older kazen already gave birth to a baby boy yesterday (Kak Ros) and my 2nd cousin (from my dad side) also already their baby girl last Sunday. me? still counting weeks.. huk3x, but many people  says that i might have an early labour due to overdose in walking and exercise ..well, the distance between the office and the ward (hospital) is a so-so-la by walking..huhuhuhu..

Suppose my checkup is on Monday (now i'm going to 2weeks per checkup due reaching my end 3rd trimester) but i skipped and now already Wednesday. hubby dear already promise to bring me to clinic tomorrow and i hope there's a chance to go since tomorrow also external audit at my office.huk3x...Audit saja..bosan sd sy...last tym audit OA from SIHAT (appointed by KKM) to review HSS for continuation of contract ...(but now we all at the end of contract after postponed 3-3m)...didnt get sleep much and worry tooo much. well, it'll happen when u and ur team gave ur best but in the team there this 1 person u really will ruin the result. huh? when think about it back, it gaves me headache and pain inside ...where i think if i can remove that person from this office, i'll do it!! and now, even if the person gone, but the 'taik' left kena jg dgn kami.cesssssss.... buat taik betul tu urg owwwwhhh... dem..!!

huhu? talking about audit makes me sick! now im better off continue my job related with it. till then, daaa...

i miss my little Sofie.. and i can't waith for this little one inside to come and meet our family...small family of 3 (plus her soon will be 4) :) owh August...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


okay, been checking my last post, made yesterday (Monday April, 16th) n try to click the Youtube link about the Versus competition aired at TV9.....but then the video for each link already removed by user...huhuhuhu.....buat org mls la nk update benda2 cenggini..dem..

now, already 1310hrs, thinking of taking lunch so, gotta go

Monday, April 16, 2012

Another day with her

Spending my weekend with family n baby.... Sofie skg dh ligat nk main dgn org..dh tu, bkn pandai dduk diam, siap men lompat2 lagi dalam katil bpagar tinggi tu kalau org x amek dia...hurm, lasaknye mngalahkan budak llaki yg sebaya...even baby rumah sblh yg tua sebulan dari Sofie pn x selasak dia hehehe....baby Spirulina + Kington la katakan...

Bila malam lak, ssahnye la nk tdo kan die..nth napa mlm td nak main je..padahal, tengahari / petang xde pn dia tdo siang ..dh bg susu n cuba biar dia main smpai penat pn, still gak xmo tdo..last2, bentang je tilam, biar dia mrangkak sluruh tilam n last2 baring n kacau mulut/hidung my sister..sambil main lawan suara sepa paling kuat...tepuk2 skit, trus tlelap..hurm Sofie ne...

 Kemarin gak (Ahad), tgk tv9..de rancangan VERSUS..band2 Malaysia btarung utk dptkan grand prize (cash gitu) 200K...wow!!! tp xbyk band pn yg join..Aizat (n the band - Go Gerila!!) , Black & Parallax, 6th Sense, Hujan dgn Sofazr...bestnya, theme utk tugasan dorg is (Week 1) is .....x igt!! hahaah..but dorg kna mainkan/bawa lagu2 otai yg dorg kna ubah, ikt cara dorg sndiri..pendek kata, make it more interesting / different from the original.

 ok, i dh jumpe link kt http://www.youtube.com/  psl VERSUS ne tym grup2 ne kna 'spy' by hidden camera...so, korg tgk la sndri :)
i might say, i'm soooooo can't wait for their stage performance which maybe aired next week!! tp pa2 pn, sila dgrkan klip mereka ini!!!!!

 Aizat (Go Gerila!)

Black & Parallax

6th Sense



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's me .....

owh my, yesterday been a tough day for me...emotionally. but i get thru the night ...:)

and now, since i've been M.I.A almost 2months after my last post, i'm thinking on updating a lil something happen in my life.

1st of all, my lil princess is now 6months++..nxt weeks she'll 7months!!! yeah, time goes so fast n now she's growing up becoming a healthy, fast learner and CERIA baby (idk wht in english the word was hehehe)...
2nd update: me? still healthy still charming..hahahaha jk.i'm still the person u know b4 except the title has change...so, maybe some things i'm being strict but so far, i'm still the easy going person to be hangout to. aah, the 'mummy' title. i love it.n im so happy n grateful to finally reach 1step ahead in mylife as a woman...yeah, im a woman n a lady for my husband, and a mother for my baby!! haha
3rd update: i am currently carrying my 2nd child. hehehe rezeki Allah, jangan d tolak.after diz myb akn mjarakkan kelahiran.let the babies grow healthy and at the same time i can improve and keep myself in good condition in terms of physiology and mental. yeah, pregnancy have taken a lot of my energy but i'm happy coz this is the life, i'm giving for my future.
for 4th update, or maybe not an update....i'm currently using pc at office hahahha...d admin is on Leave (as email sent by the boss) so i have the time LEPAKING in fornt this pc..huh, klu dia ada, dia la bh yg pny ne pc...pdahal ne PC 1-1nya ja yg ble guna utk tgk cd (2 pc lgi cd driver rusak)....bkn jg sllu dia dpn pc.paling2 psg lagu nth pa2 n dia p ec2 WO dlm file. urgh..mengata urg sd sa ne..huhuhuhu..

neway, last but not least, have a great day aehad. stay healthy and organize.