hE - sHe - Theirs

hE - sHe - Theirs

Monday, May 30, 2011

2:26 in the morning of May 30th 2011

it's late but my eyes still wide open. I'm hungry but I'm too lazy to find something to eat..n baby's kicking and moving aggressively inside. but i cannot help myself to get an early sleep. juz don't know what reason that result in me waking up til now. hate this...

and right now , outside is raining and i put the fan on highest speed, directly facing me. i did it intentionally - to get headache and flu and fever - and this morning i think i might fall sick coz me and hubby gonna have a long journey to KB. to attend wedding reception at Kg. Timbang Dayang and to Kg. Rosok (my mother in-law's place) ~~ diz so-immature act is actually a protease to my husband!!

to comfort myself, I'm letting my finger clicking anywhere and stop where i like to coz i love reading.N just a moment ago I've been reading n realize that there'll be some top celebrities who gonna deliver a baby this year. to be exact, around mid of this year.. and i never tot that some of them are my favorites. - Jessica Alba for example. she may be delivering her baby this July/August. wow, that so cool!!!cant wait to know their latest news then but how am i to cope with it if I'm also busy in the middle of expecting my first baby? hurm....(baby'd kicking n moving again)

dunno what else I'm gonna do. feels like my nose is freezing cold and i think i might try relax and try to sleep already.if not, I'm also the one that will have to bear my baby moving aggressively, unstoppable....

till then,daaaa

Friday, May 20, 2011

just so . . . .. .

today's Friday.
already done my part in completing part of BER documentation - CA form+asset maintenance histories+kewpa copy, needed by 3dept. now only 1dept left - Gynae coz i didn't have the pictures of the assets. later will take n put in the CA form.1st must be done is CA form (details & any misspelling shud be checked).

now, what concern me more is documents i've sent to some1, but still nio action taken by dat person. don't know what's there to be waited to coz from what i see, the documents still untouched and left there unattend. yeah, tau la bh ko dengki dgn sa tp jgn pla smpai kc ignore tu brg terang². tu mata bkn jg buta bh klu suda tu brg dpn2 monitor lgi d simpan..shit!!skg ko pkr ko kc bersih meja ko, sa tia dpt cari tu brg yg ko sngaja kc ignore ka?hell wit ya la.....

im gonna find a way to do what suppose to be done already n will do it my very own way.

Friday, May 6, 2011

sleepy and leg pain

have you guys take breakfast this morning?I've been eating Nasi Lemak with chicken curry (additional) at Restoran Mawar at Grandview with hubby and i feel so sleepy..i just got home from KK last night (flight MH3104, 7:50pm). pick up by beloved hubby and both of us goes straight to Sukau Restaurant located at Bandar Labuk Jaya for dinner. then just straight home after goes to oil station coz that time already 10pm. even Servay Bt4 already closed by the time we reach there (10:04pm). sleep early last night coz feel so tired. maybe coz yesterday I've been walking from BEMS QE office to QE new building with the rest of BEMS staffs and stand still while the training conducted. then goes back to BEMS office, sit there and online. didn't have a chance to lay my back rest.just sitting. then on flight, also the same (45minutes)

and this morning, both my leg (calf to be exact) cramped!!! and i still felt the pain of the cramped right now. don't know why those cramped happen. i just hope no calf cramped next time. ruining my sleep and my activities planned for the rest of the day.got to settled all my PPM (bundle up coz rescheduled since 2weeks b4) and all my corrective work request. and also my T&C Form.compile half of it already and need to complete those Endoscopy Unit Equipments (but i didn't have the picture of the equipments right now, guess i put it on hard disk - hope so- if not, have to wait for my sister come back from poly to take the pictures inside her lappy)

so, till then take care

Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking for my mim0t . . .

actually, been looking for my mimot yesterday (suppose this post wrote yesterday but i have no chances to wrote since both Pc and laptop been used by beloved husband n my brother to play DOTA (they play d game since 3pm i guess) so i have to postponed it till today (wow!!)

he's been playing outside since afternoon. Oh, correction. since morning!! with Puma and Mojo. but Puma n Mojo od got home and sleep somewhere inside home. but mimot?dun know where he was. calling him and at time i'm sending rabbits' food to daddy (around 5pm), i found mimot sleeping on old sawit leaves, under the guava tree. alone!!...n i manage to take his picture but he's od awake hearing me coming towards him. maybe he got so tired playing and tagging along with Puma that makes him didn't go upstairs but just go rest and sleeps there. but it's ok as long as he's safe :)

and here's another picture of mimot, sleeping on a box pieces (made during power out) under the table. hurm, he's at 1st, sleep on a couch but move from it when me and husband move to our bedroom. mimot kinda love to sleep where we can be seen by him. if we stayed watching tv, then mimot will be either on the same couch or nxt couch or sleeping on the carpet in the living room. but for sure, where we are, there'll he be. and it was our mimot :)

n rite now, didn't know where mimot already.i saw him playing outside b4 but i think he must be sleeping somewhere here rite now coz its raining to be sleeping outside the house. owh, there's mimot, playing where my sister and brother prepare to make a cake. har3x . . .

Sunday, May 1, 2011


aha!!! i od changed the font colors, font types and i dunno if it suits me but i love the post title's color . .a lil pink i guess..light pink to be exact . . .

like it...for this while la...:)
do commenting and complaint it if not suits the type of me

adios amigos

today's May 1st and its Sunday

so that means tomorrow = Monday is a public holiday!! har3x . . . .

actually May 1st is 'who' suppose to be a public holiday but it fall on Sunday, which means the holiday been 'postponed' to the next day (Monday) as Sunday od declared as rest day .. n i od at Telupid, spending the holiday here plus doing some stuff needed ere..like laundry etc :P

my dearest hubby?he's with me but he's already fall asleep...i guess, its been two hours already n me still here, writing. Actually i just been in front of this laptop not more than an hour, been thinking what shud i update in this n what topic would be told. been spending a lil tyme doing the ..(i forgot the terms blogger used when visiting others blog site) but still, i didn't have the idea on what i'm gonna write here right now. i might end up writing some boring stuff which not satisfy me in writing / blogging or others who read n it might disappoint me more if ppl dont enjoy my story (which i could tell that ppl love and have been visit my Freindster blog b4 and enjoy reading stuff i wrote)

and maybe, i shud go to sleep and hoping that wake up next morning i might have an idea of what to wrote ere.....maybe f what nightmare i might face in my sleep =(

till then, have a sweet dreams and sleep well.